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I am a passionate EdTech founder and a Product Owner.

I run GreyAtom with complete learner outcome centricity for the past 4 years.

On this journey - I have discovered my latent passion for education and I have loved every single day in the last 4 years building GreyAtom.

This newsletter is a blank slate for me to share with you how I built a learner-centric EdTech company from scratch, my journey, my learnings, and perspectives on How Education must be done the right way.

I’ll be writing these in essay form, but there will be longer forays into ideas too.

So if you are an educator, a founder, or are in any way interested in what goes on behind-the-scenes of an EdTech startup, sign up, and read on. I promise to make it really, really good!

Written with ♥ by Shweta

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Shweta Doshi

Founder DataGiri , Co-Founder GreyAtom